Skills transfer leads to a bright Futuris

Michael is using the skills he gained working at automotive supply chain company Futuris, in his new role as a training consultant at Excel Training.

“I left Futuris in November after working there for 20 years,” Michael said.

“I thought I would want to stay there right until the end, but I changed my mind at the beginning of last year as I didn’t want to be out of work the same day as potentially thousands of other people.

“After I was made redundant I rang up the Automotive Workers in Transition Program straight away.

“I had an appointment with a career coach and went through what I wanted to do and we worked out a transition plan.

“I have a passion for helping develop people and the career coach suggested working in training and that I get my white card and traffic control management certificate.

“The program paid for the certificates and once I had them, I applied at Jobs Statewide in February. I got a job as a recruitment consultant and have since moved in to the training and assessment area.”

Starting on the shop floor at Futuris and becoming a supervisor after four years, Michael said there is no doubt the skills he gained working in auto helped him land his new job.

“The skills I got at Futuris have been 100 per cent transferrable to my new job,” Michael said.

“I’m actually an accredited trainer for warehousing and white card at Excel Training and without the skills I gained working in auto, they wouldn’t have hired me.

“I’m also doing a Certificate IV in Warehousing and Logistics and I’ve got recognition of prior learning for pretty much the whole lot, because of my experience.

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Michael from Excel Training

Guys on the floor don’t realise what skills they are getting in auto. They just think they are putting screws and bolts in, but they are following processes, regulations and laws and it’s all transferrable.

Excel Recruitment

Despite his experience, Michael said finding work was tough.

“I honestly thought I would walk straight in to another job, but I didn’t,” Michael said.

“I was applying for jobs in everything, but because it was around Christmas, people weren’t hiring until the New Year and I was getting a little bit stressed as I’ve got three kids.

“My advice to auto workers is to register now for the program – do it straight away.

“I wish I registered sooner, because I would have got the certificates earlier and wouldn’t have been rushing in January and February to get what I needed.”

Michael said it is important for auto workers to know the transition in to a new career is an exciting time, but will have its challenges.

“I worked for 20 years starting at five in the morning and finishing at 2.30 in the afternoon, so working nine to five is a big change,” Michael said.

“It’s a big adjustment for my wife and kids too as I used to pick the kids up every day from school, but we’re getting there.

“It’s a good job though, I am really enjoying the opportunity to follow my passion and start a new chapter.”

Michael S from Excel Recruitment

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