A positive outlook helps Chris land new job at Mumme Tools

After 34 years in the auto industry, Chris made the most of the support available for former auto workers to connect with a new job at Mumme Tools.

“I started off at Henderson Automotive for about 21 years, then Ai Automotive bought Henderson’s and I worked there for about 12 years,” Chris said.

“I did a bit of everything from metal fabrication, robot operation, store work, making hand brakes, spot welding and spray painting.

“I felt a bit devastated when I heard the auto industry was closing, but we had time to prepare ourselves.

“I got my redundancy from Ai Automotive in August and I sat back and took it easy for a couple of months, to wind down.

“The transition was a bit tough as I didn’t know where I was going to go, but the support available through Job Prospects helped me a lot.”

Chris used the support to help prepare a professional resume.

Chris's story from Drive Your Future

Chris from Mumme Tools

I worked in auto for about 34 years, so I’d never had to prepare a resume. I wasn’t even sure what one should look like.

Mumme Tools

"I got help to prepare and type up a resume. After I sent it off, I got a call for a job interview at Mumme Tools the same day, and I started there in November 2017."

“I work in the stores area labelling, packaging and putting away products at Mumme Tools.

“It’s very different working here, compared to auto and it was a big adjustment at first, but I love it. It’s been a good experience for me.”

Chris’ advice to others in a similar situation is to stay positive and use the support available to ensure a smooth transition to a new industry.

“I would recommend people use the support available to get help preparing a resume.

“Stay positive, keep looking and don’t give up. You’ll find a job in the end, like I did.”

Chris's story from Drive Your Future