Peter makes the right connection at Mumme Tools

Drive Your Future Job Connect helped Peter land a new job at Mumme Tools, after working in the auto industry for 28 years.

“I started working at Mumme Tools in April this year as a production worker in the forge area heating up steel to make tools,” Peter said.

“Before that, I was working at Bridgestone, who were later bought out by Toyoda Gosei Australia.

“I worked there for a total of 28 years, making rubber components for cars.

“When I heard the auto industry was closing, it was disappointing. I would have liked to work a bit longer in the industry so I could have set up plans for retirement but it didn’t work like that.

Peter took charge of his future by signing up for support through both Job Connect and Job Prospects.

Peter's story from Drive Your Future

Peter from Mumme Tools

I signed up for Job Connect and Job Prospects who were very helpful in talking through lots of different career ideas.

Mumme Tools

“They were constantly on the phone talking to me and helping me look at different avenues."

“I went to a few job interviews before I got the job at Mumme Tools. I even got another job before, but it wasn’t for me.

“When I heard about the job at Mumme Tools, I came down to the factory for a walk through, to see what job I’d be doing and what it would be like.

“About a month later I got the call asking if I’d like to give it a go.

“I haven’t done anything like this before. My favourite part of my new role is meeting new people, as they accept you as part of the team.”

Peter said the transition from auto to a new industry was smooth sailing, thanks to his training and experience in the auto industry.

“It’s an interesting role here, and I do get to use my hands a lot, which I used to do in auto,” Peter said.

“I use some of the skills I learned in auto – they are very conscious of safety here at Mumme Tools, and I learnt about that in the auto industry.

“My advice to others would be to get as much support as you can to help you in your future as there is work out there.

“Don’t give up – there is something out there for you.”

Peter's story from Drive Your Future