Michael’s volunteering helps land new career

After working in the automotive industry for 20 years, volunteering at the Modbury Football Club helped Michael stand out from the crowd to land a new job as a training consultant.

“I left my full-time job at Futuris in November 2016 after working there for 20 years,” Michael said.

“I honestly thought I would walk straight in to another job, but I didn’t.

“I was applying for jobs in everything. Because it was around Christmas, people weren’t hiring until the New Year and I was getting a little bit stressed.

“I volunteer at my son’s footy club. It’s amazing what you gain out of volunteering.

“Even talking to other people around the club helps build up contacts and networks, which was so useful.

“A couple of the guys at the club even said if I struggled to find a job, they had something going in the following March and I could go work for them.

“Luckily I found work as a training consultant by February. I believe the volunteering helped me land the role.

I recommend other former auto workers consider volunteering too – it’s a great addition to your resume.


Further information

For more information about volunteering in South Australia visit volunteering SA or contact your local council.