Leading cyber security company to hire up to 600 new workers

Leading cyber security company VeroGuard Systems will set up a major advanced manufacturing centre in northern Adelaide to produce their VeroCard technology, with plans to hire nearly 600 people to work at the facility over the next three years.

The VeroCard is a ‘mission impossible’ style technology that integrates military grade security and encryption with banking grade ‘black-box’ technology.

In simple terms, the VeroCard gives users a way to send, receive and store information over the internet, with it being completely unhackable – a level of security for the internet that currently does not exist with any other product on the market.

VeroGuard Chairman and Co-CEO H. Daniel Elbaum created the technology and will lead the ongoing development, engineering and manufacturing.

“One of the main reasons the company has chosen to establish a facility at Edinburgh Parks in northern Adelaide is the high-level of available skills in the region, particularly former automotive industry workers,” Daniel said.

“We want to create a culture of quality and perfection and the number of former automotive industry workers here in Adelaide is a massive advantage.

“The South Australian automotive manufacturing industry was known for its quality, lean methodologies and virtually zero error rates, and you can’t buy that to start up a whole new business.”

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Nic from VeroGuard

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“Auto workers’ ability to run supply chains and just-in-time processes will be so valuable to us, particularly as we scale up, so they are a perfect fit for VeroGuard."


“We have already employed three former auto supply chain workers from Hirotec to manage our production and operations areas.”

Daniel said the company is looking to hire about 60 people in the first half of this year and up to 150 people by the end of the year, mainly for production roles.

“We will start hiring for approximately 60 roles in March that need to be filled by June,” Daniel said.

“About 70 per cent of the workers we need will be assembly workers, but we also need to fill other roles in the supply chain ecosystem, such as store people and forklift operators.”

VeroGuard will also open an Adelaide-based global network operations centre to provide customer service and digital back end infrastructure.

Co-CEO Nic Nuske who leads the market development aspects of the business said they will also need to hire support staff.

“We will also need to hire frontline support staff, such as call centre operators, who will be based in Adelaide’s north, to provide product support worldwide,” Nic said.

“There will also be roles available in sales and research and development.”

Construction of the facility in northern Adelaide is due to start in the first quarter of 2018, with completion expected by the end of 2018.