Kym finds security in new industry

After working in the auto industry for almost 25 years, Kym used his networks to help land a new job at leading cyber-security company VeroGuard Systems.

“I worked at Holden for 16 years and then moved on to Hirotec where I have worked for the last seven years, most recently as a maintenance manager,” Kym said.

“When I first heard Hirotec would close, it was a bit of a shock and I felt sad as I’ve been in the automotive industry since I finished school.

“It is also exciting though, as there are new challenges ahead and new avenues to discover.”

Kym said that being prepared and taking the time to network helped land him the role of maintenance manager at VeroGuard Systems, which he will start after Hirotec closes in March 2018.

“After they announced Hirotec would close, I made the effort to talk to people about the various skills and experience I have gained throughout the years,” Kym said.

“I got the role at VeroGuard systems through networking with people I met in the automotive industry.”

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Kym from VeroGuard

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“I would encourage other auto workers to network. Just get out there and talk to people, especially those who have worked in the auto industry too - there are a lot of people who can help you.”


Kym also urges former auto industry workers to register for the support available through Drive Your Future and use the career coaches to help forge the path to a new job.

“Sign up for the program – it’s really easy. The career coaches contact you to set up appointments, and they really do drive you in the right direction,” Kym said.

“It was a bit daunting not realising what I was good at, but the career coaches put into perspective what transferable skills I had, and helped create a path for me.

“The transferable skills I’ve gained through the automotive industry such as lean manufacturing, just-in-time systems and management skills, certainly hold me in good stead for any manufacturing industry work.

“I also did some valuable training through the program, such as my electrical licence, which will be useful in my next job at VeroGuard systems.”

Kym said he could never have imagined, when starting at Holden almost 25 years ago, his career would take this path.

“If anyone had said 10 years ago that I would end up working in cyber security, I would have laughed at them, but here I am,” Kym said.

“There are job opportunities out there if people are willing to work to get them.

“VeroGuard alone are looking to employ about 600 people over the next few years, so I would suggest anyone who worked in the automotive industry to register for the support available, skill up and get a clear career path to take advantage of the opportunity out there.”