Job Connect helps IXL Solar hire six former auto workers

Angelo and Dennis were among six former auto workers hired by northern-based solar frame manufacturer IXL Solar, with help from the Drive Your Future Job Connect service.

Angelo left ROH Automotive when the company closed in October 2017 after working there for 35 years in a range of roles including dispatch, driving, forklift, production and quality control.

“I didn’t get a job straight away after leaving ROH – I was applying for work, but nothing was available,” Angelo said.

“Job Connect was good as they helped me get this job at IXL Solar in June.

“My role here is a forklift driver so it’s very similar to auto, apart from the product which is a different size.

“My advice to others still looking for work is to be persistent. I sent out quite a few resumes and didn’t hear anything, but you just have to keep trying.”

Dennis also started at IXL Solar in June, previously working as a supervisor at AI Automotive for 14 years.

Angelo's story from Drive Your Future

Angelo from IXL Solar

The Job Connect service was easy to use - I just rang up and they said this job was available.

IXL Solar

“They then sent my resume to IXL Solar and I got a call for an interview. I was happy to get the job."

“I use similar skills here to what I did in auto. The main difference is that I was a supervisor at AI and now am working as a process worker, so that was a change for me, but less stressful.

“My advice would be to keep applying for work – don’t give up.”

IXL Solar’s Human Resources Jana Ferrari said the Job Connect team’s industry knowledge, and extensive networks across Adelaide, was extremely helpful during the hiring process.

“The Job Connect team understood the main thing we were looking for was reliability,” Jana said.

“Both Angelo and Dennis are extremely reliable as they worked for a combined total of almost 50 years in the one industry.

“I would 100 per cent recommend other businesses use Job Connect.”

IXL Solar is a completely Australian owned and operated manufacturer who design and manufacture locally framing systems for ground mount and commercial roof top solar, committed to supporting Australian industry and jobs.

Angelo's story form Drive Your Future