Former auto workers to help Mumme Tools grow

Mumme Tools know the value former auto industry workers can bring to a business.

Operations Manager Hamish Hogben said the company employs seven former auto workers – about 20 per cent of its workforce.

“I worked in the auto industry both at TI Automotive as well as overseas for 14 years,” Hamish said.

“The automotive industry is very structured, and it’s focused on lean methodologies and safety.

“We’ve implemented the auto way of working and it’s improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

“Former automotive workers are very attractive employees for us here at Mumme Tools.”

Organisational Development Manager Kerrilee Fowler, who was also previously employed in the auto industry, says Mumme Tools recently used the Drive Your Future Job Connect service to fill two job vacancies with former auto workers.

“In the past we have had job candidates interview well, but they aren’t suited to the work we do here,” Kerrilee said.

“The Job Connect team visited the factory here at Mumme Tools to see exactly what we do.

“This helped them explain to job candidates what we were about, before we interviewed them.

“They put forward a few people for our consideration and we hired Peter, who used to work at TGAU, and Chris who previously worked at Ai Automotive.

Kerrilee's story from Drive Your Future

Kerrilee from Mumme Tools

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We were very happy with the service the Job Connect team provided – it saved us a lot of time.

Mumme Tools

Mumme Tools is now looking to grow and export overseas, meaning they could be looking to hire more staff soon, to meet demand.

“Our ultimate goal is to be double or triple the size we are now,” Hamish said.

“As we grow, we would definitely look to hire more former automotive workers.

“We have a culture of quality so we want to hire people who speak up when they see something that doesn’t look right.

“We also want people to be observant of what’s going on around them and communicate well with others.

“These are the qualities many former auto industry workers have. That’s why we are keen to hire more – as long as they have the right attitude.”

After working in the automotive industry for 28 years, Peter said the transition to a new role at Mumme Tools was smooth sailing, thanks to his training and experience in the auto industry.

“I use some of the skills I learned in auto – they are very conscientious of safety here at Mumme Tools, and I learnt about that in the auto industry,” Peter said.

“There weren’t any surprises transitioning to a new industry. Working in a factory is pretty standard – what you’re taught in auto is the same in other industries.”

Mumme Tools manufacture superior quality hand forged tools and distribute Klein Tools, the world’s largest range of electrical hand equipment, from their Lonsdale facility.

Kerrilee's story from Drive Your Future