Brian makes the right connection at Axiom

Brian urges former auto workers to sign up for Drive Your Future Job Connect, after using the service to get a job at Axiom.

“The process of using Job Connect was very simple and the support I gained was fantastic,” Brian said.

“Tony at Job Connect had put my resume forward to Sam and Craig at Axiom, and they asked me in for an interview.”

“I am now employed at Axiom as a maintenance technician, so the outcome couldn’t have been better.”

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, after Brian left Hirotec in October.

“I had ups and downs with jobs since I left auto, after working in the industry for 31 years,” Brian said.

“Before Axiom, I worked in various part-time jobs for about six months which I thought I’d enjoy, but it wasn’t for me.”

“I also got another full-time position through Job Connect, which I worked in for about a month.”

“Unfortunately, the job wasn’t right for me.”

Use the support available. If you’ve recently left the auto industry and haven’t signed up for Job Connect, do it now.


Brian said it’s important others in a similar situation stay positive and be open to new opportunities.

“When you’ve left the auto industry it can be difficult to remain positive but it’s important that you do,” Brian said.

“The Job Connect service do all the work for you and connect you with potential employers.”

“The advice I would give anyone in a similar situation is that if you get offered a job, go with it.”

“The job may not be your forever job, but it can be a stepping stone.”

“It may also give you some perspective on what you do and don’t want to do.”

After six months of trying new things, Brian has found his forever job.

“I hope to be here for a long time, as I really enjoy the work at Axiom,” Brian said.

“It’s nice to be part of a vibrant, progressive company that produces high-tech components.”