Automotive supplier launches new, niche product with $200,000 grant

After supplying the automotive industry since the late 1980s, Rope & Plastic Group used assistance from the Automotive Supplier Diversification Program (ASDP) to start manufacturing their unique EcoDry clothesline product, right here in South Australia.

Rope & Plastic Group Executive Chairman John Sutton said the ASDP grant was received in 2015, at which time, the majority of the company’s business was manufacturing automotive battery handles for the Australian and United States’ markets.

“In 2015 we began the Ecodry clothesline project as we had started to see a significant decline in our business from the automotive industry,” John said.

“The most challenging part was to design the best product, but we were able to find about four components of a portable clothesline that no one else had.”

CEO of EcoDry, Anna Wischeropp said the innovative product can meet the needs of a diverse range of groups including aged care, disability, and people in living in smaller spaces such as apartment blocks or townhouses.

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John Sutton and Anna Wischeropp from EcoDry

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We see the Ecodry clothesline as our salvation and thank the State Government for providing $200,000 to help us get our one-of-a-kind product market ready.

John Sutton and Anna Wischeropp

“The thing that excites me most about the Ecodry clothesline is that it is a totally unique product – it’s like no other,” Anna said.

“It’s got height adjustability, line tensioners, and little castors so it can be moved quite easily.

“In total, it weighs just over 4 kilos and holds up to three loads of washing.

“Hopefully the EcoDry product will get the message out there that Adelaide is home to innovation and we can develop unique products to meet customer needs.”

Along with developing a product that can benefit a wide range of groups, the EcoDry team have worked hard to ensure their product is manufactured in South Australia.

“We are passionate about keeping business and jobs in South Australia and that’s why we have chosen to work with local companies to produce and distribute the Ecodry clothesline,” John said.

“We are working with a number of South Australian companies, including automotive supplier Axiom Precision Manufacturing and11 local toolmakers who have developed the specialised tools needed to manufacture the plastics.

“In addition to this, the clotheslines are being assembled at Mobilong Prison and we are distributing the product through South Australian innovator Scott Boocock’s company Hegs Pegs.”

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