Aaries’ journey from auto to aged care

Arriving in Australia in 2010, Malaysian-born Aaries landed her first South Australian-based job in the quality department at automotive supplier Precision Components, working there for four years.

“I worked at Precision Components, a Tier 1 supplier to Holden, as a quality engineer until 2015,” Aaries said.

“I really enjoyed it there, but I decided to resign and change industry because of the uncertainty surrounding the closure of Holden.

“A few months after leaving Precision Components, I got a job as an administrative assistant for a large food and beverage company.

“I didn’t have any experience in the industry, although because I am a talkative person, I was given the opportunity for a casual position.

“I was happy there, and over time my working hours increased and I was promoted to territory sales manager, however because I could not get full-time hours I left in June this year to focus on studying full-time.”

Prior to leaving her role as territory sales manager, Aaries registered for the Automotive Workers in Transition Program to help plan her future.

“I went to see a Northern Futures career coach who was really good,” Aaries said.

“I studied a course in aged care, which the program paid for.

“I chose the course as it consists of four weeks study in the classroom, as well as a four week placement working at an aged care facility.

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Aaries from Precision Components

I will use many of the skills I've gained working as a quality engineer in the automotive industry, in the growing aged care sector.

Precision Components

“I feel it is harder for me to get work because I haven’t got the networks, as I didn’t grow up here.

“That’s why placements are so important to me, so I can get some experience and a reference.

“I thought, if I do a good job with the placement, it might lead to a job offer.

“I am happy to say I secured a job with Estia Health where I did my placement.

“Hopefully aged care is a stepping stone for me so I can get in to nursing in the future.”

Aaries said she will use many of the skills she gained working as a quality engineer in the automotive industry, in the growing aged care sector.

“The number one skill you need when working in quality is looking after your customers’ needs,” Aaries said.

“Looking after customer needs is also the most important part of working in aged care.

“Working in quality you need to have good communication skills which is also very important in aged care, and across all industries.”

Aaries from Precision Components

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