Your feedback

What you had to say

We value your honest feedback about the Automotive Workers in Transition Program and we act on this feedback to continuously improve our service to you. Here is what you told us last month.


What you told us

Some people were concerned about their confidentiality when attending appointments with career coaches, and that their conversations may be overheard.

What we are doing
Auto workers should rest assured that career coaches keep everything discussed during appointments 100 per cent confidential.

If you are worried your conversation may be overheard by others, please talk to your career coach about your concerns, and an alternative meeting location can be arranged.

Computer skills

What you told us

Some people said they were not confident with using computers and needed help to prepare an electronic resume.

What we are doing

Free computer workshops are being held to help auto workers improve their skills with using a computer.

Through the career coaching process, auto workers are also able to get their resume typed. To access this service, call 1800 774 010.

If you would like to provide feedback on any of the services provided by the Automotive Workers in Transition Program call the info line on 1800 774 010 or email