Transfer your skills to a new job

As an automotive supply chain worker, you have skills and abilities which can be used in a wide range of different jobs and industries.

These are transferable skills, and they can help you get your next job.

Through your work, you have gained skills that are highly valuable to employers in other industries. These might include:

  • experience in a fast-paced environment
  • knowledge of manufacturing processes
  • quality control
  • upholding work health and safety
  • ability to work in a team environment
  • maintaining and troubleshooting machinery and equipment
  • ability to use hand and power tools
  • problem solving
  • attention to detail
  • leadership
  • time management.

Don’t underestimate what you have to offer!

You probably also gained a lot of skills that can be formally recognised as part of qualifications for other industries.

Understanding your transferable skills

It’s important for you to understand what your transferable skills are. You can include them in your cover letter and resume, and talk about them during job interviews.

Auto workers can learn more about the transferrable skills they may have, through the career coaching process. Workers registered for the program can make an appointment with a career coach by calling 1800 774 010.