Support for auto suppliers

Help diversifying your business

Automotive Supplier Diversification Program

Are you a supplier in the auto supply chain who is looking to diversify? You can apply for the Automotive Supplier Diversification Program.

The Program can help you diversify and secure alternative revenue streams for a sustainable future.
Grants of up to $500,000 are available. All support provided through the program will require co-contribution from you.

The Program provides flexibility in the assistance package based on the individual circumstances of your company. This includes:

  • support for a wide range of activities related to diversification and securing alternate revenue streams, including but not limited to:
    • diversification strategy development and associated business model development
    • mentoring
    • business development
    • capability development
    • management and workforce up-skilling.
  • ongoing targeted support including mentoring, rather than once-off transactional intervention.

Once you submit your application form, the Program Manager will be in touch with you. They will work with you to better understand your company and design a support package that best suits your needs.

Non-automotive manufacturing businesses

The Program is open to eligible non-automotive manufacturing businesses. You must be looking to form alliances and strategic partnerships with automotive supply chain companies or acquire specific capabilities and skills.

This may include mergers and acquisitions that involve specific capabilities or skills residing within local automotive suppliers, but only where it will result in sustainable job retention or creation in South Australia.

Supporting your workforce

If your workforce is affected by the transitioning automotive industry, help and advice is available.

Communicating the full range of support and assistance to your workforce is vital.

Depending upon your own situation, you may be concerned about encouraging your workforce to start thinking about future employment opportunities. You may have contractual obligations as a business that need to be fulfilled until manufacturing eventually ceases. Or, you may need to reduce the size of your workforce in an orderly and controlled manner. This is totally understandable.

However, encouraging your workforce to start planning for the future is a sensible and proactive step for your business and your workforce.

Your workers are more likely to remain if they feel they are receiving help, advice and support from their current employer.

Employees would prefer to stay with their current employer until the latest possible time as this gives them more time to plan and retrain as necessary.

For your workforce it’s vital they start planning early.

What can you do?

  • Tell your workers to register for free support through this website.
  • Put up posters and flyers designed to assist workers start planning their transition.
  • Hold regular information sessions with your workforce.
  • Ensure your workforce is aware of support services available.
  • Contact us for help planning how you’ll support your business and workforce.