Co-working spaces and industry precincts

Don't want to run your business from home or lease an office?

Co-working spaces provide a workplace where you can rent a space, usually a desk, for yourself. They encourage you to collaborate with the other people in the space. You might brainstorm, or you might work on projects together. Co-working spaces can also help you build and maintain business networks.

There are new co-working spaces opening up all the time, so we can’t list them all. Here  are a few to get you started:

Small business co-working space

Technology co-working spaces

Arts and creative co-working spaces

Industry precincts

Industry precincts bring organisations from the same industry together in the same location.

For example, the Adelaide BioMed City is one of the largest life sciences precincts in the southern hemisphere. It brings together businesses, academia, government, research, education, clinical care, and business development.

Precincts drive greater collaboration, productivity and innovation. Businesses share a campus and its warehouse storage and technology systems.

South Australia current industry precincts