Not sure where to start?

We provide free services for current and former auto supply chain workers.

The idea of moving away from the auto industry can be really daunting, but we’re here to help.

No matter what your next step is, preparing for it is going to take time.  The end of auto manufacturing in South Australia is only a few months away. It’s really important that you don’t wait until then to start thinking about what’s next for you.

To take control of your future, you need to register for free support.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to a whole range of support services

The first thing you’ll do is work with a Northern Futures Career Coach to develop a transition plan. They will help you plan your future and work out what support you need to get there. This might include help with:

Northern Futures can also help you manage the effect this change is going to have on you and your family.

There is plenty of information on this site to help you, but much more support is available through Northern Futures if you register for free support.

Have you been made redundant in the last six months?

The Automotive Industry Structural Adjustment Programme supports workers who have lost their job in the automotive manufacturing industry, including component suppliers.

Need further support?

If you’re already struggling with:

  • housing
  • literacy or numeracy
  • mental health
  • addiction
  • emotional or financial stress
  • or any other personal difficulties.