Support for long term unemployment or redundancy

Building Family Opportunities

Building Family Opportunities (BFO) is available to support families impacted by redundancy or long-term unemployment.

BFO case managers work with families to help them to cope with the impacts of redundancy, including financial issues and stress. BFO case managers can also connect families with training, employment, education, and health care programs to help them achieve personal and work goals.

BFO case managers can provide the following support and assistance

  • arrange education support for all members of the family
  • organise placements in training or education programs
  • connect families to a range of services such as housing, health care and other supports
  • help you and your family members look for a job, and provide ongoing support
  • assist families with personal goal setting and provide case management support
  • assist families with English as a second language.

To check your eligibility for BFO or to obtain more information

Phone 8463 5664