Preparing for redundancy – staying in contact with co-workers

Often the thing we enjoy most about work is the people we work with. Many auto supply chain workers have been at the same company for several years, some even decades, and over time co-workers become close friends.

If the thought of moving on to a new job and leaving these relationships behind is hard, you might want to think about ways to stay in touch with your work mates after leaving. Here are some ways you could do this:

  • if you don’t have your work mates’ mobile numbers, consider swapping these – also bear in mind if others are using a company phone, they may need to change their number
  • work email addresses may no longer exist, so consider getting personal email addresses
  • start a private Facebook group
  • organise a regular catch-up date and time (for example – grab a drink at the local pub the first Friday of every month).

Tip – referees

You might also want to think about getting your manager’s personal email address and mobile number if you want to use them as a referee on future job applications.