Beyond Auto

You can call or visit Beyond auto to get access to family and social support services.

Beyond Auto can help you with things like:

  • family
  • relationships
  • stress
  • mental and general health
  • housing
  • financial and legal concerns
  • drugs and alcohol
  • gambling
  • reading and writing.

Beyond Auto is a free and confidential service that offers one on one appointments.

Call 1800 774 010

Why access Beyond Auto?

People access Beyond Auto for a wide variety of reasons. Here are just some examples of ways in which Beyond Auto can help. *Names have been changed to protect individual identities.

I accessed Beyond Auto for one-on-one literacy and numeracy support.

However, after the initial meeting with Andrew, Beyond Auto identified some other issues. For example, Andrew found it difficult to attend literacy and numeracy classes with other people, as going to a new place caused him anxiety. The Beyond Auto coordinator linked Andrew to a personal literacy support program to help him with his concerns about attending group classes.

I sought help from Beyond Auto after my partner passed away, leaving me with two young children.

Julie was experiencing financial strain, grief, and her children were not coping with their father’s death. Beyond Auto was able to link Julie up with financial and grief counselling services, and the children were linked with the Anglicare Star Bear Camp Program. The Star Bear Camp helps children under 12 years of age to deal with bereavement and significant loss.

My relative contacted Beyond Auto, as I had spent my redundancy payout, and was having difficulty paying my mortgage and bills, and was being pursued by creditors.

Daryl was experiencing chronic pain from a health condition that was impacting his ability to work, and his mental health. The Beyond Auto coordinator linked Daryl with a financial counsellor for help with budgeting and to help negotiate with his creditors. They also helped him access the right services through Centrelink and spoke through the process of developing a mental health care plan with his GP to help manage his mental health issues.

I sought help through the Beyond Auto program after being made redundant, as I was worried about how to keep myself busy and positive after leaving work.

Joe did not financially need to find another job however, he was not sure he was mentally ready for retirement and felt quite stressed about the situation. Through Beyond Auto, Joe connected with his local community centre garden program, which was of interest to him, and the social interaction helped Joe stay positive. Beyond Auto also provided Joe with information on adjusting to retirement and volunteering.