Explore your training options

Part of your next step might be doing some training, or getting your existing skills formally recognised as part of a qualification.

If you register for free support, your Career Coach will help you figure out what training you need to do. Depending on your circumstances, you could use some or all of the $2500 in support you receive through our program to cover, or partially cover, the cost of your training.

You may also be eligible for subsidised training through the WorkReady program. This will further reduce the cost of your training.  You can check your eligibility on the WorkReady website, and search for subsidised courses. You can also look up the types of jobs you might want to do, and learn more about them. For each job or career, you can find out:

  • what sort of tasks you would do
  • where you could get a job
  • how much you could get paid
  • what the job prospects are
  • what training you would need to do
  • lots of other useful information.

Make sure to check if you are eligible on the WorkReady website for any other concessions or financial support to complete training.

You can also access a range of free or low cost training sessions and workshops.